As we come to the cross road…the 2014 Lok Sabha elections

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Mar 23, 2014

As I was reflecting just now, I landed up seeing an

2011- Youth at Besant Nagar:

 FB post on September 1, 2011. This was a call to all the volunteers of IAC- India against corruption- a note of caution, a call for principle centered leadership, influencing and public behavior. I am astounded by its’ relevance to day. Let this be the first part of my 3 part blog on the matter: Current elections 2014: to contest or not contest. Please, please, please, I request you with folded hands; share these few blogs with every INDIAN you can reach. PLEASE!


As we cross the first step…

September 1, 2011 at 3:05pm

This is a write up that was posted much before the 2nd phase of the struggle started on 16th August 2011. Now that the first phase is over with one step being achieved, we need to focus on the next steps.

The typical experiences we can expect now will be as follows (we already have evidence of many of these):

  1. Now that the govt. feels that it had to give in (with whatever face saving), there may be other delay tactics.
  2. Do not be surprised if there is a tactical delay or deflection attempt, with a lot of “intellectual gymnastics”.
  3. Certainly I expect allegations and abuses/ concocted stories to be thrown at the IAC leaders and may be even volunteers. Many interested groups will back this up and that is no surprise.
  4. Be ready for a noisy “but what are you doing about X, Y, Z..etc etc ..other issues?” type of expert comments from many distracters. Yes there are many other things to be done, but anti-corruption crusade is a focal issue and high priority right now to be followed up and instituted.
  5.  There are already oversimplifications and generalizations and even ridiculing of Anna hazare’s effort and IAC movement. Be ready to deal with them untiringly with Truth, objectivity and humbleness
  6. This is an exceptional moment in the history of this country. It is now or never a chance for change. Many so-called-social change agents/ agents with specific agenda may not like the success of this transformation. Be ready to deal with this road block.
  7. Most petty Politicians have used hate, doubt and divide as their tools of perpetuating their agenda and programs among people. They can be in power only if the public have some doubt or hate on some other cast, creed, religion or class of people. LIVE in understanding, collaboration and love with all people- every human being – every day, even if intellectually you need to take positions.
  8. Others who believe that they are the sole-saviours of society will also throw words at you. Smile and continue your good work.
  9. We need to create a new INDIA, and it has to begin with US- every one of us. Go beyond all normal standards and beliefs and become highly caring of this nation, truly loving all people and untiringly positive even in the most challenging situations. We need brave & sensitive hearts  to move forward.
  10.  In Tamil the past is described as ” Irandha kaalam”- the dead period- hence renew yourself again and again without getting stuck with /to the past- justifications, distractions and continue with a commitment to transform yourself.

These are some of the thoughts that have been going thru my mind over the last 2 weeks and I was keen to share the same with all of you.

LOVE and Jai hind!


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