Why did I decline the chennai–south Parliament seat ?

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Mar 25, 2014

Here is my response to AAP invitation for contesting the Lok Sabha Seat from Chennai –south.

This is not a mudslinging communication. I have friends in AAP; I have great respect for David Barun Kumar, AAP Tamil Nadu election coordinator- for his reaching out to me. He will be a friend.

And I have admired, Loved and dreamt for Arvind Kejrival. The dream is, at present, a bit of disappointment though.

I cannot explain in words the pain I have gone thru to arrive at my decision. I went thru every possible question, explored every option to arrive at a decision. Seriously considered 4 or 5 alternative ways of responding. Then finally I realized that I have to answer the deepest call of my conscience – if I have to be committed and 150% determined in the mission of social transformation, I have to be at peace with my soul that I am doing what is Dharma: Action that is Principle centered, pro-active, sensitive and done with positivity.

I must be fair to the little child in me, with its’ hopeful glowing eyes, with so much of care, pride  & empathy for this country and its simple people; A child who is chasing a dream of an INDIA full of Love, progress and collaboration…

An India of collective celebration and not division. An India where you will appreciate the political leaders, and wish to watch Television news. An India where you get a call from a Govt. official, who wants to hand over the refund cheque for the excess billing erroneously done.

An India where there is NO POVERTY, NO HATE, NO MORAL or ECONOMIC CORRUPTION – in any section of society. An India where the entire infrastructure is reliable, efficient and contemporary. An India where the farmers are truly & deservingly so happy that more youngsters opt for agriculture.

Many evils are to be wiped off for this child’s dreams to come true. Evils created by people. WE, the people. Also many sacrifices are to be done. Sacrifices by the people. WE, the people.

But this dream never, never, never can be achieved by out pouring of meaningless hate or aggression on what we consider as its’ deficiency or problem.

Do you know why?

There are no problems by themselves. People are the carriers of problems. Indians around us are these people. They are either your or some ones else’s neighbors, relatives, acquaintances, friends, classmates, co-travelers in train, bus or flights. It is “WE”. All of us, doing, or accepting some others ‘doing, or encouraging their doing or just watching what they are doing. Any which way we are participating. We are responsible.

Let’s recognize that if the people are the carriers of the problem and they need to change, their beliefs must change. Their values must evolve. They must, I must, and we must know that “I AM INDIA”.  Everyone together is INDIA. WE need to change. Not just the politician, or policeman; or the govt. servant, or the Garbage clearing crew of the corporation.

Together, we must be the enablers of change, and representatives of change.

How do we do this?

We have a possible way forward.

A choice of 1.Sama-2.Dhana-3.Bedha- 4.Dhandam – in that order- as the  approach to deal with the problems.

1. Evoking positive change from the concerned stakeholders: They are not different from you, make them- thru influencing communication, deep engagement & mentoring -become the change initiators them selves

2. Educating on the necessity of change, encouraging the change process initiatives: create possibility, pride and preference for change

3. Ensuring thru systems and processes: put in tough discipline and supervision in administration with rewards & implications.

4. Eliminating all the Impediments by preventive, facilitative and punitive legislations, Statutory Acts and demonstrative, visible actions.

This approach calls for maturity, positivity, patience and a long-term agenda. If this is what we want it will have to be worked on. We will have to do it ourselves. With empathy & with Patience.

Hence I have disagreements with AAP. I declined their offer of seat. I will soon share my detailed 6 page communication with them in my blog.

I just cannot be merely the JUDGE. I cannot be driving a “holier than though” attitude.

I am the doer. I am the Problem. I need to change. Positively.

I have always believed in it. See this link, my interview when ANNA HAZARE broke his fast in August 2011.

I am willing to work with any one, any party, institution or forum to make a positivity-centered change.

With Love, and some pain


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