Sabari Malai in San Francisco and other notes:

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Oct 10, 2013

I think it is almost 6 days since I wrote anything from San Francisco

Every day there is a desire to write something, there is something interesting to write about, but the day just flies off and there is no writing that “happens”.

Yes, so many interesting things about SFO. Let me try a short list, and let me also create a SOP for a daily writing schedule/discipline

• The streets of SFO: the sheer vibrancy, people, diversity the ease of travel and the light and shade dance of the sun atop the mesmerizing domes and thru the Spanish, Mexican, European style streets.
• The awesome Golden gate park: Extends from Fulton in the East to the pacific in the West…the sheer size and grandeur (a little more than 1000 acres/ 4.8 km x .8Km rectangle); its’ scintillating special gardens, lakes, pathways, ride ways, waterfalls.
• The uncomplicated bus rides; the “gentlemanly” traffic; the cycling–around-all over the city- life style. Broad well laid-out footpaths that make it safe and delightful to walk around as much as one wants.
• The roads, that go up and down, making it a “Sabarimalai-in-SFO” experience. Every time, especially in the evenings, the magic of sunlight as you hit a high point on the road.
• The restaurants: the historic Mexican joint that Meena and I went with Sri Devi (our daughter in law), as we loitered around down town on Friday. Founded in 1955, It has history, been visited by many celebrities and the atmosphere was so “spicy”; almost felt like our Mumbai Irani hotels! Had some great coffee and “biscotti”.
• The surprise of SFO: Namma UDIPI restaurant, visited on Sunday evening. Authentic south Indian “ONNNLY VEGETARIAN” eatery. Had to wait for 30 minutes to get a seat for 4, had outstanding stuff- Idlis, Dosas, Uthappams, puris, and Paneer masala. Tasted better than many Chennai “popular eateries”. Finished with a “dabara-tumbler” coffee.
• The rollicking back yard party, at home, for Sris’ birthday organized by Arvind our son for around 25 friends. Hungama / galatta from 12 noon till 4.30 PM!
• Meena is having a good holiday. She is enjoying the “I am cooking –for –my son & DIL” opportunity, the hanging out every day for few hours, the smocking of the next frock for our grand daughter and the daily face-time or Google+ chats with Manasi & Lasya (the beneficiary princess of the smock & Frock)
• My morning walks, thru the park in the chill weather. I am out there every morning for at least 1-½ hours. Yesterday was a great exploration. I did the complete east- to- west and back, almost covering 12 km. over 2 hours! Enjoyed it.
• Parker, the pet, has found a new friend (of all people) in Meena (humble/mild/friendly being the common quality I guess). I was surprised by the ease with Meena has settled down to pampering this cute canine. A special photo feature on that separately.
• For now, I am taking a break. I have bought some art material and want to sketch for some time, as we wait at home for the cleaning-housekeeping crew to complete their duty.

Now the SOP (Standard operating procedure, for the non-corporate duds  he he, you think only corporate can have duds in plenty?) for my writing:
Ensure that every day you have time allocated after 10.30 pm
Make crisp short notes- may be 3-500 words at best
Write-edit-publish with photos that I wish to share

Aha, writing at last!



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