The growth enabler

In his becoming a sensitivity trainer and group process facilitator from 1980s, Raja Krishnamoorthy was blessed by the icon of organizational behaviour, late Dr.Pulin Garg of IIM Ahmedabad. Later in 2000,he was invited by Thomas Leonard, the father of the “coaching movement” in the US, to be certified in Coaching and training the trainer. Earlier he was exposed to multiple other human development approaches such as TA (Vince Gilpins,1978), NLP (Dr.Richard Bandler,1997) in his journey as a trainer and facilitator. His most valuable understanding of human dynamics, Raja believes, is his learnings from Swami Suddhanandha and the various Indian masters in Self Knowledge. Raja sums it up by saying Coaching, mentoring, training or facilitating…all these are methodologies and pathways but the destination is one: