Should I blog or should I book the face? SFO settles the issue!

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Oct 04, 2013

Here is an interesting question that I encounter these days.

Should I share an experience on the face book first or should I post it in my blog site?

The blog has huge advantage: It is there for me in a controlled fashion, it automatically sends it to FB and Twitter and linked-in; it is more easily access-able and edit-able for me…

But is the content/matter blog worthy? The deeper question: Am I converting a “status update/report” in to a blog just for dumping material there? Should I post in the blog only “serious stuff” in life?

After a bit of deliberation here comes the verdict: Blog gets the vote. And this is the defense submission:

My blog is about “Living life un-limited”.

It is about all colors, shades, hues, experiences and encounters…about people, places, clarity, confusions, celebrations, collaborations, pains & possibilities…it is about the magic & Mystery of being human.

It is about living life in all its splendor. And it is a blog from Raja, the connoisseur of life.

I enjoy life, as if it is the only purpose of being here (My blog on en-joying will follow this note). So, I will share, and you are welcome to enjoy too! Here are some enjoyable moments & visuals of San Fransisco.

Settling down (temporarily) in San Francisco! :

What makes a good home, especially if you are a guest?

A good house, which has lot of natural light, decent ventilation , brightness, comforts  by design and also  welcome feel, warmth ,plus  sharing by the people living in it.

That’s what I find in Arvind & Sridevis’ home in golden gate avenue, San Francisco.

This house is 106 years old. A complete contrast to the typical, row-after-row of newly built town houses that one saw in Dallas.

The street house of SFO reminds me of the old lanes & streets Mumbai and Kolkata or Chennai George town for some strange reason: May be because they are city dwellings, with some history & culture.

Everything else is different. The order, cleanliness, social discipline, adherence to rules, formal nicety to strangers…ever thing is different, better and so comfortable.

I will write about the city later, but right now the home.

It has history, it has class. It is longish, and tallish. The interior is more classical than any thing else, and that includes the fittings, accessories, the bathrooms, and the banister, the windows ET all.

Yet, there is style, and feel …Call it character!

The streaming of light thru the front & backside is so rich; it causes magic of shadow play right thru the day. I just freaked out on that.

A friendly, all purpose super market is 2 minutes away. The golden gate park is 5 minutes walk away. You can spend at least 2 hours per walk to the park. The bus stop is also 5 minutes away, to any part of SFO. You can walk down town in 30-40 minutes straight. You have a cozy place, plus you have a lot of freedom to move around.

Sri & Arvi have been hosting guests continuously, may be one set of visitors every month. Still they are not “hospitality fatigued” one bit. Parker the pet adds to the warmth. So loving, so soft, and friendly you feel you know him for years. I am amazed. Shakthi, Sridevi’s sis-in-law, has been here for 3 weeks and takes over as the official guide.

Meena & I are settled in just one day. What fun! For once I am able to feel VACATION 



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