Talking to myself: The true face of god or “nithya Ishwara darshanam”

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Sep 18, 2013

Talking to myself: The true face of god or “Nithya Ishwara darshanam”

Meena and I began our US trip on the 17th morning at 1.30 am India time. Now it is 1.15 am, US (Dallas) time on the 18th September.

Just a single day, and so many good human beings cross your way! Such good human beings we met thru the journey, it almost looks like a mini-miracle for a day!

  • The slightly bearded (Asif?) check in executive at the British Airways counter in Chennai: He just heard me mention about the preference for better seating and quietly ensured the same even before we walked into the aircraft. Thanks brother, it made a big difference.
  • The cabin crew of BA who did a great job in the Chennai-Heathrow sector…especially Vikram! No mix up in food or snacks in spite of the seat changes: we got decent veg food right thru the travel!
  • The smiling and curious Punjabi lady at Heathrow, who kept saying “I have seen you some where!” and got us go thru the special channel for security clearing…
  •  The highly energetic and friendly (also slightly elderly yet very bubbly) staff of the American airlines cabin crew in the Heathrow- Dallas leg. Great care – especially the way they responded to the many senior citizens in the flight!
  • The very energetic and lovable flight companion Balaji Krishnan from DELL, Austin! Such a sweet person who made the total travel enjoyable with the sharing of his poems, deep conversations and helpful gestures. We hope/plan to meet soon!
  • The courteous and clear manner of communication of the immigration officer at the Dallas airport on the aspects of the VISA rules, for my learning and benefit.
  • The ever loving and “ready to do anything for Meena & Raja” couple Anu (the best sis-in-law in the whole world) and Sundar (eternal Mappillai,son-in-law, for all of us), who were at the airport – to pick us up, drive home, while the siblings chat-chat-chatted to glory-wow! Back to being indulged.
  • The grand getting together at Gopis’ place. Meena’s bro Raghu(who else can call AKKEY so affectionately?), his wife Radhika ( sweet , huge inspiration to Manasi, our daughter),  their daughter Devika ( the wonderful teen princess of the Ganapathy family)  also dropping in for a surprise instant get together.
  • Mom-in-law Kamala Ganapathy, truly dazzling as Mataa-shri (Supreme mother), with her famous anecdotes and stories of “visits to the USA by Indian senior citizens “:  talk delivered  in Gujarati, Hindi, English  languages and suitably mixed and matched for each character!
  • On seeing the excitement happening over the dinner – with noise levels close to Diwali crackers  – Cute enquiry from Devika to Kamala Ganapathy: “Thaathi is this like your good old times?”
  • The fab readiness and the quick settling down facilitated by the ever big-hearted Gopi, THE HOST & My brother in law! In few hours we had settled down, had a grand family dinner, chatted over phone with Laasya, Manasi, Meena akka and Sidharth, had our internet access available, checked mails and were ready to hit the bed by mid-night!

Learning for the day: God is indeed kind… if you ONLY notice he expresses himself in the form of loving human beings. Everywhere, in every form and shape!



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