The secret of Happiness: managing the self! part-1.

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Nov 29, 2013

(Note: I am far, very far away from even completing the 1st Chapter of the “promised” book! But that is OK with me. I am coming to terms with the special effects of my life: so unpredictable, so dramatic, so many interesting events, such wide hue of experiences…I do not seem to be capable (at this stage) of making time-bound-creative-goals and deliver them as promised! I am choosing to withdraw any promise I might have made and seek release right away. However, I shall continue to share as I journey along!)

What is a “secret”?

The word secret brings a smile on my face. Child hood memories come rushing. “Secret” was a powerful word for the young, tender mind. The word evoked alertness, serious response and an air of hushed silence. “God promise, you shouldn’t tell anybody this secret”, I would seriously demand and my friend would place his hand on mine and re-affirm the commitment to keep the secret

Childhood had so many secrets!

The secret could be about all kinds of things. About how I have saved 6 rupees over 2 months, and no one at home knew about it. Secret about wealth.  About “catching” the school hero smiling at the class beauty queen and seeing her smiling back. Secret about romance. About my father losing his temper on seeing my brothers’ progress report in school. Secret about dad’s aggression. About the shocking drunken behavior of a neighbor, at the party few days back. Secret about humiliating behavior.

Then in-spite of not wanting to, helplessly one grew up. As we grew up, there were adult secrets. Now we knew many “things”, almost “all” things. Life became non-childlike: Predictable, standardized, average, anxiety ridden and a lot meaningless. Life hardly had “Secrets” any more.

Except one!

Yes, for almost all grown-ups…One secret that seems to be unraveled.  Across the world, millions of human beings want to know this secret:

How to be happy; how to live happily?

This was not a secret when one was a child! We were non-purposely happy most of the time. We played, fought, fell, jumped, sang, cried …but were largely happy. But as adults? NOW?

What happened to the “natural joy”? Where & how did we lose it? Where can we find it? Anyone who can provide the clue to this secret should be making more money than Bill Gates, I suppose. Such a powerful secret.

What is a secret then? Some magic? Some mystery? Some wonder? Some un-knowable stuff?

Far from it!

Let’s look at the real issue in the next piece on this subject!



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