Why Do We Indian Politicians Perpetuate Hate??

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Mar 24, 2014

Today I read in the twitter that some Ram sena activist has been re-admitted in BJP. There were many many scathing comments about BJP, its’ policies and values.  In doing so, motives were attributed to MODI. Strange, as it is quite likely that it is an event that happened in Karnataka with some local, state level leaders but MODI and BJP were painted as “perpetrators of evil”. Let’s get it straight: Modi must be hated.

The messages were filled with searing anger; with hate for this “regressive party & leadership” for allowing an “absolute medieval mind set anarchist” to be accepted in the party. He cannot even be accepted in society. He is evil, socially a poison and has no legal or moral standing to violate a citizens’ basic rights and freedom.

Anger and hate, all the same.

Which is also, very sadly,  what we had from this Ramsena representative: His beliefs or for what he considered as  “evil, socially destructive, absolutely immoral act” of girls being in a Bar, even if they were only casually meeting friends or preparing for their next day statistics examination. A set of “Symbols of evil” in a society & culture – which he considered, as the self appointed civic vigilante – was “pure”.

That was his belief system. Is his belief system. Just as the twitter crowd has its’ belief system.

But anger & hate all the same.

Yet the twitter crowd feels self-righteous with it’s’ anger, with its hate! You know why? Its beliefs!

The twitter crowd believes it is more modern (use technology), more sophisticated (use English to abuse others), more acceptable to the civil society- as they call it- (which is a western education oriented/influenced, largely English communicating), more modern living styles (Largely in cities/metros) and which has a great fascination for opinion throwing around (Just make comments, FB & Twitter get business). That’s their reality of life. That reality influences their belief system and sets off its’ own sense of appropriateness, moral-ethical standards, perspectives and behavior.

Final response: Anger and hate all the same, on the “other belief”.

This is the crowd, which talks of inclusivity day in and day out. Philosophy. Talks of equal rights for the underprivileged.  Equanimity. Talks of CSR. Caring for the underprivileged.

But finds it difficult to be inclusive of some others’ belief. Finds it difficult to grant equal rights for others’ perspective before judging. Finds it difficult to have social responsibility of facilitating understanding and providing orientation towards new /different beliefs or living styles to those who are under exposed to “modernity.”

I wonder how many of them- modernists- have so very angrily asked for uniform civil code in this country. For all human beings. For the Hindus, Muslims & Christians and the many other religions, faiths & belief systems.

Even if we are the most civil society, we dare not! We have to grant them their religious or faith based beliefs. They are also special. They are exclusive. They are vote banks. DO NOT EVEN DARE TO TALK ABOUT IT, you insensitive 80% population.

Surrender to their “freedom of belief”. But not see the “traditionalists” -aka- these human filth who do not understand “modern life” and its’ legal, legitimate freedom of beliefs. Surrender to one set of belief system un-questioningly but aggressively denounce the “traditionalist”  “reactionary forces” belief systems. And Get angry with them, hate them and spew venom on them.

But all the same it is anger, and hate.

And the story goes on.

Arvind Kejrival can get angry and hate Ambani. And spread it. Pseudo secularists can make the word “Gujarati” a “double -the –four-letter-word” project, very successfully, make it almost  an abuse, insult and insinuation in the last 12 years .

And of course perpetuate hate. And anger. Do not ever rest.

They have to perpetuate hate in some way, because they can! Poor people can hate rich. Minorities can hate majority. Hindus can hate conversion. Foreign hands can hate India’s’ resilience – that, in the last 100 years- it is the second largest populated country, yet with the longest period of democracy! Hate the Indians for such luxury of a free, open, thriving democracy. Developed countries hate our self-sufficiency. Militants hate govt. Terrorists hate peace. Maoists hate police. Media hates anybody else having independent opinion.

But let’s make sure that we all can continue to hate. Or be angry with somebody…Or something.

Is that so? Is that the way to live?

Do none of us have the accountability for perpetuating love, understanding, collaboration and interdependency? Do none of us- The modern, educated, city bred, intellect fed, MNCs lead, morally dead- have responsibility to overcome the barriers of our different belief systems?  Not just “religious beliefs –to be protected exclusively” but about clarifying the nature of beliefs, about appreciating their differences: traditional thinking & modern thinking, inclusive thinking & exclusive thinking, about open and accommodative faiths &   restrictive and limiting faiths. And see their point of view. And accept it. And discover that “they are not the enemy”.

Do we not require a gentle hand reaching out in understanding…initiatives, gestures/ acts of love, communication that connects faiths & communities; positive messages to encourage accommodation, inclusivity and sensitivity as a civil society?

How come the civil society is the biggest supporter, may be a silent collaborator, of the un-uniform civil code?

Simple: If it dares to touch it, we had it. There will be anger and further hate. We have to respect the anger and hate of some section. Some traditionalists.

But not of the other traditionalists, without looking at the basic issue: The influence of differing and un-bridged beliefs.

Anger and Hate.

The only regular, ongoing, progressively improving product & service provided – by almost every Indian politician, in this great democracy is, ANGER & HATE. We do exemplary multi-level-marketing of the same.

Doubt someone. Hate someone. Abuse someone. Accuse someone. Mindlessly.

WE have a screwed up judicial system. No one is seriously pulled up for perpetuating hate. One is very safe in marketing hate. So dump it in abundance on every section of the society.

Make poor, middle class people hate rich people. Why? They are rich na? Make Hindus hate Muslims and Muslim hate Hindus. Why? They are different Na? Make Dravidians hate northies. Why? They are from there Na? Make Kashmiris hate India. Why? They are Indians Na? Make Churches hate RSS.Why? They are Hindu fundamentalists Na?

Is this the way to continue?  For how many more years?

As long as we continue to be in the perpetuation and pre-occupation of “forms”, “standards” and “comparisons” we will have enough to hate. Because all forms guarantee differentiation, Deficiency, Comparison, and Anger.

We need Soul-fullness. True awareness. Unlimited -ness. Love. Smile. Acceptance. Comfort. Forgiveness. Reaching out. Getting over.

Does the world still hate & Condemn Germans or their religious beliefs for those “Holocaust times”…even after almost 7 decades? Do we still hate and condemn the White American who has almost wiped out the native Indian? Or who had a” slave”/ unequal for a black till the middle of the last century? Do we hate the NATO nations who have – in the last 50 plus years- killed thousands of innocent Vietnamese, Iraqis, Iranians, and Afghans in whatever name they wished to?

We, in the rest of the world, get over hate, anger.

We the Indians, hold on to hate, anger.

Thanks to our politicians.

Thank you Arvind for keeping up the tradition.  The self-declared-secular -civil society will not know that you are also a traditionalist. You may even repeat the Delhi show. 

We will begin to hope, hopelessly, for a new leader. Who will teach us Love? Provide care. Facilitate understanding. Create collaboration. Unite people, not divide hearts.

Who will make India a nation, not just a notion.


Love and tears

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