Why I am changing my “pathway”?

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Aug 28, 2013

I confess that my feeling “high” always comes from sharing inspiring, powerful & positive ideas about the journey of life. I am fortunate that the opportunity for experiencing this “HIGH” is almost an ongoing experience!

For example: In the last one month I have had 4 “large audience” motivational talks. Three of them were with student groups – 800 at SSN College, 2500 at Arunai engineering college and then at Tanjore, Mother Theresa foundation with 4000+ members in the audience.

All these situations were very special. There was so much of “heart”, so much of “from the self” responses, voicing of doubts, of vulnerabilities and honest search for clarity in life.

I have another “inspirational Talk” for 1700 students coming up o Saturday at SRM campus, at the outskirts of Chennai. I am looking forward to the session!

This is what I en-joy the most about all my work: the speaking engagements, consulting situations and training /development workshops- They are predominantly raw and authentic human encounters, where people are looking for some new meaning, some ways of enhancing their well being, or wanting to evolve or have clarity…a seeking, a search.

The search, most of the times, yields results.

So “clarity of thought and quality of life” is a valid punch line for what I add as value in most of my work or offerings. And of course, I EN-JOY every bit of it. God’s grace, it is now 28 years on this highway! I feel blessed.

Then what is this urge in me to change “the way” in the last few months?

Why am I getting down to blogging seriously? Why am I opening up my face book, twitter and linked in pages?( confess with a sense of guilt that I have few hundred “friends” and “Link” requests pending for months…I plan to delete with that soon) Why am I reaching out NOW?

What is it that I want to change, about myself, at this stage of life? At 60+? Why am I meeting specialists, discussing the website, the blog etc? Are there a few specific things I want to “do” differently?

Yes; there are a few things I wish to change in /for myself. The following things could be “different”, to begin with:

1.Earlier I did all my work that “CAME” to me. I never marketed, sold or sought business. For quite some time now, I did not even have a web site for people to reach me. All the work I did happened thru word of mouth, referrals and past credentials. I was neither very sociable nor easily reachable!

 From now, for those who are searching for clarity, abundance and positivity in life, I want to be available and accessible, as a resource person. They must have a way of finding me and reaching me. I want to create “LINKABILITY with RAJA”. I do not wish to feel guilty that someone wanted to reach me but there was no way provided for them to do it!

2.I have not been ambitious, I did not want to develop an organization or business empire, did not strategize and grow. I just have gone with the flow and allowed natural EVOLUTION to take place. Life happened and I am very, very happy about it. So far.

From now, I want to offer - whatever I can- globally. I want to do that with a plan, with goals and focus. The purpose is clear: to reach and touch as many human hearts as possible about the abundance of life and a possibility of LEADING an UN-LIMITED life. And the potential beneficiaries can be from any part of the world!

3.I have been a “technologically” challenged person. I am still a novice with mobiles, computers and Internet. I am far from active in the social media, even after tentatively signing up in to Facebook and linked in. I was not in to twitter till very recently. In the last 2 weeks I have tweeted, may be, 4 times? So much for being in the social media age.

I do not get pushed the least by mobiles and E-mails. I do them on my terms and convenience, almost being “uncivil” in the modern world.

I have looked at technology from a “why bother to understand – hence let me have minimum of it” attitude.  I love my freedom from the pressure of gadgets in life.

Now, if I intend to share ideas, clarity and offer a possibility of  living  positively , experiencing wholesomeness, creating surplus life, leading a life unlimited, evolving to true potential… how do I do it- share ideas & clarity?

Good intention. But how?

From now, I want to use technology and professional support to take the offering of services to a very high “Value proposition” to those who come to me. I wish to improve their possibility of reaching me and receiving response thru easy /uncomplicated / direct and quicker channels, with convenient and simple ways of interaction.

MOST IMPORTANTLY I wish to improve the storage, organizing and deployment of rich, invaluable material: knowledge, experiences, solutions, art, advice and make it available in this campaign for a BETTER LIFE, BETTER WORLD!

4.      I have been blessed with skills, abilities and talents- unlimited. I have had a great innings so far with life.  I confess that I have received so much that I cannot complain about almost any aspect of my life. God or the creator has been EXTREMELY charitable and supportive to this Raja’s life. Thank you big boss!

But I have carried this “guilty feeling” that I have not done full justice to what all I have been bestowed with. I have been enjoying, no doubt. Why do I paint? Because, I enjoy… it makes me happy. Why do I act in movies? Because I en-joy doing it. Why do I cook? Ditto answer- I en-joy doing it.

 “Doing because I am enjoying, has been the “artist” in me freaking out in life. Happy with one’s self, expressing and feeling good about it. Period.

 From now the artist, will also try to be an architect!

 I will have a structured approach towards   deploying the awareness, skills, talent, and abilities so that they can benefit and make many more people en-joy life; help many more people live a positive, self aware and un-limited life!



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